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Marco Island Academy

Principal, Melissa Scott

2255 San Marco Rd, Marco Island, Fl 34145

Phone: (239) 393-5133

Finance & Career Solutions

170 River Road Bedford, NH 03110

Phone: (603) 606-5685

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Frequently Asked Questions

When your school enrolls in the FACScourse Program, there is an initial login
whereby the students and instructors create a username and password to access
our members only site. This allows both students and faculty to access all resources,
and videos/quizzes in the course. The instructor’s curriculum guide is separate, and
students cannot log into the instructor’s part of the program. Student progress can
be checked online or emailed directly to the instructor.

Students maintain access to the program for five years from the day of initial login.
Depending on when they initially enroll, the FACScourse may be with them long
after they graduate.

We differ in many ways, but here are a few differences we are most proud of:

  • We’re a small company: we deliver the service of a small owner operated
    business. Our office is open 9-5, and when you call, someone will answer!
  • Our webinars are organic: Most financial and career education programs
    are static; they are written once and they do not change. Our course
    information is updated regularly, based on the rapidly evolving culture and
    financial literacy and economic independence directives. We also consider all
    instructor and student feedback.
  • We’re right here: All lessons are taught by the FACS founders, Peter
    Bielagus and Tamra Richardt. When you email us, it goes directly to our
  • We cater to all learning styles: All people have different learning styles,
    and timelines. The FACScourse caters to those unique needs. Schools can
    follow the traditional curriculum provided or individual students can choose
    the subjects more important to them.
  • Not just learning, interaction: Students can email us any question, anytime
    they choose. Every week we scan these emails and post answers to the most
    common questions.
  • Can I cancel at any time? The FACS program is an annual program, paid annually.
    Depending on the specific contract signed, it may be possible to cancel at any time.
  • Is the price per school or per student? The price is per student, but it translates
    to just a few dollars per student per month. We offer discounts to schools based on

The FACScourse program is a financial literacy and economic independence
program that is flexible, affordable, customizable, and ongoing. Schools receive:

  • Live, interactive webinars delivered at scheduled times.
  • Access to our members only site to watch 70+ videos on a computer, phone
    or tablet.
  • Access to our success resources library with over 100 forms and checklists.
  • Unlimited email access to the FACS founders, Peter Bielagus and Tamra

Yes. There is an annual renewal fee charged to
the school. This pays for access, website maintenance upgrades to the website and
course information.

We require each school to purchase one copy of our
Student Guide, for every enrolled student.  Schools can purchase either a digital
copy or a paper copy. (When you purchase a paper copy you automatically
receive the digital version.)

To ensure your students meet their financial commitments and succeed in their careers.