Instructor Resources

Below you will find several documents for this course and beyond. If you are an instructor, you will see an additional section with materials just for you. With these materials, you will be able to get more out of the course as well as the future it prepares you for.  You are welcome to download and use to manage your ongoing finances.

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Lesson 1 Personal Finance BasicsDownload

Lesson 2 GoalsDownload

Lesson 3 Compound InterestDownload

Lesson 4 Organizing Your Financial Life Part 1Download

Lesson 5 Organizing Your Financial Life Part 2Download

Lesson 1 Introduction To BudgetingDownload

Lesson 2 Emergency Fund And Income MythDownload

Lesson 3 Bank Account BasicsDownload

Lesson 4 Tracking Your ExpensesDownload

Lesson 5 The Zero Based BudgetDownload

Lesson 1 Introduction To TaxesDownload

Lesson 2 Introduction To Insurance Part 1Download

Lesson 3 Introduction To Insurance Part 2Download

Lesson 4 Financial Scams Part 1Download

Lesson 5 Financial Scams Part 2Download

Lesson 1 InflationDownload

Lesson 2 NegotiationDownload

Lesson 3 Retirement AccountsDownload

Lesson 4 Estate Planning Part 1Download

Lesson 5 Estate Planning Part 2Download

Lesson 1 Introduction To CreditDownload

Lesson 2 Credit ReportsDownload

Lesson 3 Credit CardsDownload

Lesson 4 Improving Your Credit Part 1Download

Lesson 5 Improving Your Credit Part 2Download

Lesson 1 Introduction To Investing Part 1Download

Lesson 2 Introduction To Investing Part 2Download

Lesson 3 How The Stock Market Works Part 1Download

Lesson 4 How The Stock Market Works Part 2Download

Lesson 5 What To BuyDownload

Lesson 1 Student Loans What Are They?Download

Lesson 2 Student Loans How Do They Work?Download

Lesson 3 Student Loans What Am I Responsible For?Download

Lesson 4 Student Loans What If I Cannot Pay?Download

Lesson 5 Student Loan Tips For Paying On TimeDownload

Lesson 1 Buying A CarDownload

Lesson 2 Renting An Apartment Part 1Download

Lesson 3 Renting An Apartment Part 2Download

Lesson 4 Relationships And Money Part 1Download

Lesson 5 Relationships And Money Part 2Download

Lesson 1 Buying A Home Part 1Download

Lesson 2 Buying A Home Part 2Download

Lesson 3 Dealing With Debt Collectors Part 1Download

Lesson 4 Dealing With Debt Collectors Part 2Download

Lesson 5 Huge Debt Problems Made SimpleDownload

Lesson 1 Follow Your DreamDownload

Lesson 2 Giving BackDownload

Lesson 3 Financial NeversDownload

Lesson 4 Children And AbundanceDownload

Lesson 5 What To Do Every YearDownload

Lesson 1 The Importance Of Writing A Killer ResumeDownload

Lesson 2 Resume For Search EnginesDownload

Lesson 3 Rules For Emailing Cover Letter And ResumesDownload

Lesson 4 Write A Great Cover LetterDownload

Lesson 5 Researching Your ProspectsDownload

Lesson 1 Interview Questions And Creating Your ISPDownload

Lesson 2 What You Should Ask In An InterviewDownload

Lesson 3 You Have Seconds To Make An ImpressionDownload

Lesson 4 Dressing For The Interview, Dressing For The JobDownload

Lesson 5 Building A Workable Wardrobe For Men And WomenDownload

Lesson 1 Effective MarketingDownload

Lesson 2 Social Media And Network MarketingDownload

Lesson 3 Marketing SynergyDownload

Lesson 4 Client EtiquetteDownload

Lesson 5 On The Job ProfessionalismDownload

Forms And Checklists

3 Things to Consider When Making an OfferDownload

4 Questions to Ask Yourself When NegotiatingDownload

5 Tips for Writing a Great Cover LetterDownload

6 Frequently Asked Real Estate Agent QuestionsDownload

7 Questions to Ask a Bankruptcy AttorneyDownload

8 Questions to Ask a Credit Counseling ServiceDownload

8 Questions to Ask a Life Insurance SalespersonDownload

9 Questions to Ask Before Getting MarriedDownload

10 Frequently Asked Home Inspection QuestionsDownload

10 Rules for Emailing Cover Letters and RésumésDownload

10 Rules for Making a First ImpressionDownload

10 Tips for Writing a Killer RésuméDownload

10 Tips for Writing Résumés for Online SubmittalsDownload

10 Tips on Marketing SynergyDownload

20 Questions to Ask Before Buying an InvestmentDownload

Apartment Rental ChecklistDownload

Car-Buying ChecklistDownload

Compound InterestDownload

Cover Letter SampleDownload

Credit Reference Letter to Send to Companies You Are Currently Doing Business withDownload

Depreciable Asset ListDownload

Debt Payoff A Five-Step PlanDownload

Debt Payoff SheetDownload

Different Types of Retirement AccountsDownload

Goal SheetDownload

Great Phrases to Say in a NegotiationDownload

Homebuyer’s ChecklistDownload

How to Afford Health InsuranceDownload

How to Avoid Sleazy Tactics and Sleazy SalespeopleDownload

How to Handle a Collection Agent CallDownload

Identity Theft What to Do If You Have Already Become a VictimDownload

Loan Payoff- Am I Just Spinning My WheelsDownload

Net Worth WorksheetDownload

Parts of a CheckDownload


Questions to Ask When Opening a Stock Brokerage_IRADownload

Resources FormDownload

Sample Collection Agent Script (Abusive Collection Agent)Download

Sample Collection Agent Script (Follow-Up After a Collection Agent Calls)Download

Sample Collection Agent Script (Professional Collection Agent)Download

Sample Letter to Remove Mistakes from Your Credit ReportDownload

Sample Letter to Send After a Call from a Collection AgentDownload

Sample Letter to Send After a Call from an Abusive Collection AgentDownload

Sample Letter to Send to a Collection Agent Outlining a Plan of When and How You Will PayDownload

Sample Pay for Deletion ContractDownload

Sample Résumé for an Individual with Work ExperienceDownload

Sample Retirement Account PortfoliosDownload

Sample Tax FormsDownload

Sample Validation Letter to Collection AgentsDownload

Simple Résumé TemplateDownload

Six Questions to Ask Your Employer and or Financial Company About Retirement AccountsDownload

Stolen Identity What Do I DoDownload

The Home-Buying Process Week by WeekDownload

Wardrobe Checklists for Men and WomenDownload

What to Do if a Collection Agency Takes You to CourtDownload

What to do if you get in an AccidentDownload

Where Can You Find CashDownload

Will Writing GuideDownload

Zero Based BudgetDownload Instructor Guide Quiz Answers